- Benjamin Hughes -
Frontend, UX, Prototyping, Mobile First, Dataviz, Data mining
- About -

With my degree in Digital Media Engineering i have specialized in building user friendly websites with creative, surprising details.

So what makes me unique? I love making websites people can use by actually getting out of the office and talking to people. I create cool data visualisations that surprise and intrigue people. I enjoy working with python, solving problems like data mining and data analysis. I love to explore topics such as performance, animation, accessibility and the everchanging landscape of frontend development.

If this sounds kind of cool, then write me and lets figure something out.

- Projects -

Choose your own adventure

An interactive experience where the user takes control of their own adventure.

Explore your solar potential

A website helping people figure out if solar panels is a good investment for them.

The presidential candidates' way to The White House

A scroll story that shows the presidential candidates' defining events on their way to The White House

Who are the danish ISIS warrios?

Webapp that was made as a swipe interactive where people can see who the Danish ISIS warriors are.

How many people earn less than you?

This webapp is made to visualize how many people earn less money than you.

Sunshine on your birthday

An interactive webapp where people can see how much sunshine they got on their birthdays.

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